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Unsated Heart Below are the 3 most recent journal entries recorded in the "Elle Bishop" journal:
December 13th, 2009
01:13 pm


Lazy Sunday
I am so glad the bakery is closed on Sunday. I went running in the park to let out some tension and ended up shocking the shit out of a couple of muggers.

Should have killed them, They may talk.

I was running through the older part of the park where parents are scared to take their kids because the playground equipment is outdated and deemed dangerous. There is a small wooded pathway that winds around the playground equipment and I was running through the shaded area when the two men jumped out and grabbed me. I zapped them both and it felt good to get a bit of violence out of my system. I didn't kill them-

Which was stupid

But they took a nice little nap while I finished my run.

After my run, it was just me and Sparky watching the latest Harry Potter movie and eating popcorn. I hardly thought about my run in with Gabriel squared until I started typing this.

You are such a disappointment Elle. you can't even kill a couple of muggers. I bet Sylar would have killed them

They wouldn't have tried to mug him, too dangerous. Sylar probably would have - why am I thinking like this? I am happy with the normalcy my life holds, why would I try to add more drama?
its time for bed, I have work tomorrow.

I wonder if the boys need more cherry pie?

Stupid brain.

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12:58 pm


WTF World!

What the hell?

My life has been boring to the point of dull these last few months. Chuck and I have been running the bakery all by ourselves since his wife got cancer and I think the aspect of keeping a small business running has leveled me a bit. I don't have as many "episodes" now but its a struggle to remain normal outside of my community.

Today was supposed to be as normal as it could be. I got to the bakery on time and Chuck immediately needed me in the kitchen making my neighborhood famous pies. We also needed cherry turnovers and some apple crisp cookies.

A baker...how low we have sunk Elle.

I was done with my last cherry pie when I heard a familiar voice ask for said pie. I thought I was dreaming but I peeked out of my kitchen and there he was. The tall stature, dark hair, mesmerizing eyes and small smirk were unforgettable. I was so sure he would recognize my voice but he was more interested in what he wanted from the store. He ordered a ton of baked goods which would have made me smile had I not been so terrified of being discovered. Chuck gave him delivery and I cursed because I do the deliveries.

I tried to ring and run but the stupid elevator wasn't working and I don't know why I didn't just take the stairs but I guess I was freaked out.

You were more than freaked. Its amazing you figured out the mechanics of running.

Shut up brain.

He asked if I wanted a tip. He wasn't mad or anything! It was then that ANOTHER Gabriel came into the doorway and looked at me. I started talking and i don't quite remember what I said because soon after that I fainted.

You are such a wimp now! Fainting in front of him like that is such a damsel in distress kind of move. I am surprised they didn't dump you down the elevator shaft.

Fainting is perfectly logical when faced with not one man that you think is going to kill you but two! Stop interrupting me!

I woke up and they had dragged me out towards their apartment a bit and one of them had his hand on my forehead. I thought I was a goner but apparently he was just healing me and my dizziness went away. The one who had come to the bakery told me that they had met other Elles and that the wall between the dimensions was broken because of Hiro, the time space guy.

That's something I would like to try...time travel

Time travel would be pretty cool.

Anyway, I got my tip and left once I realized that One: They didn't want me dead, for now and Two: They seemed more focused on the pies I had just delivered than talking to me.

Wow, two Gabriels, multiple Elles, probably multiples of everyone walking around. I know I live in a messed up world but I think mine just got a bit more complicated.

We should try to find Hiro. Maybe he would take us on a trip!

I am not part of that anymore! I am not going to get dragged back into the life of a Company girl just to time travel. I am trying to start over here.

Do you really want to start over? Do you want to leave everything behind? Even him?

Sigh. I should feed Sparky.

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December 11th, 2009
09:17 pm


Wasting Good Electricity
Sparky threw up in my prurple heals this morning, I had not coffee left in my apartment and someone threw a pink smooothie all over the drivers side door of my car. Its days like this that make me want to electricute the first customer to walk through the door...

Current Mood: aggravatedaggravated

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